With grace and grit, Laura Schara brings the Wildly Living brand to life through her passion for the outdoors, cooking, travel, styling and fitness. As a city girl with country roots, Wildly Living introduces women to the array of adventures, styles and flavors that make up the Bold North and beyond.

Taking the path less traveled, Laura aims to redefine what it means to be an “outdoorswoman” by introducing aspiring adventurers to the art of hunting, fishing, wild game cooking, field-to-fork recipes and seasonal styling.

If she’s not championing women to embrace the Bold North, you’ll find her hosting KARE11’s “Minnesota Bound” series on NBC that continues its rich 24-year legacy of introducing the public to the many benefits of fishing, hunting and the great outdoors.

At its core, Wildly Living celebrates nature’s ability to connect, sustain and reinvigorate the community of people who choose to embrace it. If you’re interested in working with Laura Schara’s Wildly Living, please fill out the contact form below.

Features & Contributions:

Laura formerly hosted Fox Sport’s “Due North Outdoors” and the Outdoor Channel’s “Survival Science,” in addition to appearing on NBC Sports, the Home Shopping Network, Evine Live, The Bethenny Show, the Style Network’s “Dress My Nest” as well as the Hallmark Channel’s “Home and Family Show” to showcase a variety of outdoor activities, travel tips and fashion trends. Laura has also been featured in publications such as Life & Style Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine and People Magazine.

Disclaimer: Wildly Living is a personal blog by Laura Schara. Readers should do their own research to determine if they feel comfortable with pursuing any activities mentioned on this website. Information consumed or read on this website is taken at your own risk and Wildly Living shall not be held liable.